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The entertainment industry is unlike other businesses in that unique legal issues often arise in its subdivisions including music, publishing, film, television, as well as sports and theater. Given the way technological innovation in digital media has transformed the delivery of arts and entertainment content, protecting the rights of creative artists has become even more complex.

Whether you are an entertainer or writer, a producer or director, it is essential to secure your interests. The Hay Law Group, PLLC is dedicated to helping creative individuals navigate the complexities of show business, protect their intellectual property, and obtain fair compensation for their work. Our firm represents a wide range of clients primarily in the music, film, and television industries.

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What is Entertainment Law?

While the practice of entertainment law encompasses a variety of legal services related to intellectual property, contracts, as well as business, labor, and employment law, much of this field concerns entertainment transactions and litigation.

Entertainment Transactions

Contracts and deal-making are at the heart of the entertainment business. Since music, film, and television deals are unique, however, it is essential to work with our experienced entertainment law attorneys. We expertly handle such issues as:

Based on our extensive knowledge of these industries and digital media, we negotiate and prepare a wide range of contracts, including music recording and publishing agreements, producer agreements, music licenses, talent agreements, television and film production agreements, management agreements, work-for-hire agreements, and appearance and endorsement agreements.

We are keenly aware of the need to protect our clients’ images from unauthorized use in a variety of media platforms. If you are in need of expert representation for your entertainment law troubles, contact our attorneys in Houston and Atlanta today! 

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At the Hay Law Group, our top priority is to secure your rights and protect your brand. We work with recording artists, music publishers, managers, television and film producers, directors, writers, performers, and more. We combine business savvy with a cost-effective approach to design strategies that are well-suited for your entertainment needs.

We believe the practice of law isn’t simply a transactional relationship between the attorney and the client. Our attorneys pride themselves on fostering relationships with our clients, making them more than just a case number. 

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