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Flat Fee Services

Strategy Session for Music Business Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and Influencers $225.00

Considering an agreement and want to discuss it with an attorney before signing? Not sure how to start or legally protect your work, your business and your brand? Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss & strategically plan your next steps. Receive legal advice on how to protect your work, your brand, & your business or advise on how to navigate through your next big business venture. Call today!!

Contract Review Services

  • Review of eight (8) pages or less $750.00
  • Review of five (5) pages or less $550.00
  • Review of two (2)- three (3) pages $375.00
  • Review of one (1) page $250.00* (30 minute phone call. Written attorney recommendations not included)
  • Written Attorney Recommendations
  • 20 Minute Follow-up Phone Call

Music Contracts Bundle

Purchase three or more music business contracts and receive $200 DISCOUNT off your total purchase price.

Music Business Contract Drafting Services

Contract drafting includes a 20 minute follow-up phone call.

Exclusive Artist Recording Agreement $895.00
Music Production Company Agreement $895.00
Music Publishing Agreement $895.00
Management Agreement $895.00
Label Investor Agreement $795.00
Band Partnership Agreement $795.00
Music Producer Agreement $695.00
Non-Exclusive/Exclusive Beat(s) Agreement $595.00
Music Video Production Agreement $495.00
Featured “Side-Man” Artist Agreement $495.00
Live Performance Agreement $495.00
Photographer Agreements $395.00
Session Musician/Performer Agreement $395.00
Mixer/Sound Engineer Agreement $395.00

Copyright My Music Package $395.00

*Filing Fees Not Included*

  • Registration of the Performance Arts Copyright – Up to 12 Songs
  • Registration of Sound Recording (Masters) Copyright, additional $100.00
  • 15 -Minute Attorney Phone Call

Record Label Start-Up $1,495.00

*Filing Fees Not Included*

  • Business Formation – Incorporation with the Secretary of State
  • Retrieval of Employee Identification Number
  • Exclusive Artist Recording Contract

Brand Protection Package $1,800.00

*Filing Fee For One Trademark Classification Included*

  • Preliminary knockout research report to determine if the mark is available for registration
  • Attorney Opinion Letter based on research report results- If search results are not favorable additional fees will apply for new report and analysis.
  • Trademark Application Filing ( additional fees will apply if applying to put a mark on hold for use in the future).

Music Publishing Administration Management Package $1,395.00

*Filing and Registration Fees Not Included*

  • Business Formation – Incorporation with the Secretary of State
  • Retrieval of Employee Identification Number
  • Performance Arts Copyright Registration – Up  to 12 Songs
  • Performance Rights Organization Sign-up and Song Registration
  • Publishing Administration Set-up and Song Registration

Film And Television Packages Coming Soon!