The Entertainment Attorney of  The Hay Law Group, PLLC welcomes the opportunity to service your legal needs at flat fee rates! All services, rendered for a flat fee are done so on a non-refundable basis. Thank you for entrusting us with your business and we look forward to serving you! 

One-Hour Strategy Session $225.00

Entertainers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Intellectual Property Owners – Schedule a consultation today to discuss your business & strategically map out your needs! Not sure which of our services offering best fits your needs schedule a session today. The Entertainment Attorney will listen to your needs and help you determine which services are the best fit. Schedule today! 


Business Formation Services

Are you an aspiring record label owner, artist, songwriter, producer or influencer looking to take the first set in properly setting up your business? We help creatives take the first step in entrepreneurship. Let us assist you with the formation of your business, schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation now to get started!

Business Formation Package $625.00 *State Filing Fee Not Included*

Package Includes: 

Drafting of Operating Agreement and Partnership Agreement available for an additional fee!

Contract Review Services

Are you considering signing an agreement and want to discuss the terms with an attorney before making the decision to move forward or not? The firm’s contract review services are a perfect fit for you. Contract review services are charged at seventy-five dollars per page, with an initial based rate of  two-hundred and fifty dollars. Service is limited to eight pages or less. Schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation now to get started!

Contract Review Package $250 + $75 per page for page two and above

Package includes an initial fifteen minute phone call, review of the contract by the attorney, and a one-hour meeting with the attorney to discuss review findings.

Non-Profit Formation Services

Are you a current or aspiring entrepreneur that sees a problem in the world you’d like to tackle through the creation of a non-profit organization? We’ve helped individuals all over the United States successfully register their business and file for tax exemption status. Schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation now to get started!  

Non-Profit Formation Package $1,750.00 *Filing Fees Not Included*

Package Includes: 

Trademark Registration Services

Owning your brand name can only be accomplished though trademark registration. Are you an entertainer or band looking to own the rights to exploit your name? Are you a business owner wanting to ensure you own your business name to avoid its use by others? Not sure how to start or legally protect you, your business or your brand? Schedule a One Hour Strategy Session today to have a soft search run on your desired mark and to discuss the registration process, registration options and how to get started! 

Trademark Registration Package $1,800.00

Package Includes: 


Music Business Contract Drafting Services 

Contracts are an essential part of the music business. We offer music business contract drafting services for a flat fee. Services include an initial thirty-minute discovery call, contract drafting, and one set of contract revisions.  Schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation now to get started! 

Don’t see the contract you’re in need of below? Schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation for a flat fee quote! 

Exclusive Artist Recording Agreement $895.00
Music Production Company Agreement $895.00
Music Publishing Agreement $895.00
Management Agreement $895.00
Label Investor Agreement $795.00
Band Partnership Agreement $795.00
Master Producer Agreement $695.00
Non-Exclusive/Exclusive Beat(s) Agreement $595.00
Music Video Production Agreement $495.00
Featured “Side-Man” Artist Agreement $495.00
Live Performance Agreement $495.00
Music Licensing Agreement $495.00
Photographer Agreements $395.00
Session Musician/Performer Agreement $395.00
Mixer/Sound Engineer Agreement $395.00
Songwriter Split Agreement $395.00

Music Business Contracts Bundle 

Need more than one music business contract? Purchase two or more music business contracts and receive a DISCOUNT from the total purchase price.  

Music Copyright Registration Services 

Copyright registration of your music is the only real form of legal protect. Let us help you navigate the proper copyright registration of your new single, upcoming album, and/or the music your fans are already enjoying! Call today to get started! 

Copyright Registration Package $625.00 *Filing Fee Not Included. Package is best suited for  owners of both copyrights. *

Package Includes: 

Do you write with various songwriters? Are you interested in having multiple single songs or projects registered? If so, schedule a One Hour Strategy Session (valued at $225.00) to discuss how best to go about registration of your works.  


Do you need help navigating a new film or television project? Are you a producer in search of an attorney to service your production needs? We represent productions all over the United States and we’d be happy to help you! The firm offers contract drafting services and production attorney services for a flat fee. Schedule a One Hour Strategy Session today to discuss your needs and how we can be of services! 

Don’t see the contract you’re in need of below? Schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation for a flat fee quote! 

Flat Fee Contracts for Film and Television 

Appearance Release

Certificate of Authorship

Clip Licensing Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Crew Agreements

Director Agreement

Hosting Agreement

Joint Production Agreement

Location Releases

Music Composer/Producer Agreement

Music Licensing

Nudity Rider

Operating Agreements

Option/Purchase Agreement

Producer Agreements

Reality TV Talent Agreement

Screenplay Purchase Agreement

Shopping/Attachment Agreement

Submission Release Agreement

Talent/Performer Agreement

Writer Employment Agreement

Music Supervisor Agreement

Talent Representation Services

Are you a film and television performer in search of legal representation? We represent talent appearing in independent films and on network/cable television shows at the industry standard rate. Give us a call today to set up your FREE thirty-minute phone call to discuss representation! 

Chain of Title Services 

Proper evidence of copyright ownership and registration is an important part of production and distribution. Evidence of creation, ownership transfers, and copyright registration are all necessary to ensure your project is not later involved in an infringement lawsuit. We work with clients throughout the United States to secure copyright registrations and a clear chain of title. Contact Us today to schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation for a flat fee quote! 

Title Clearance Services

Are you being asked by a distributor and insurance company for a formal legal opinion stating that the selected title is cleared to be used on the project before release? Copyright law does not protect the title of your script, film or television series. Obtaining a Title Reports – a list of all the films, books, songs, and plays that bear the same or similar titles to the title you propose to use together with press mentions of those titles- and legal opinion from The Hay Law Group is essential to the release of your project.  Contact Us today to schedule your FREE ten-minute consultation for a flat fee quote!