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From the outside looking in, the music business looks glamorous with its “party like a rock star” atmosphere, but on the inside, the industry presents recording artists and composers with significant legal challenges. In order to protect your rights and preserve your artistic freedom, it is essential to have an entertainment attorney in your corner. The Hay Law Group helps songwriters, musicians, and producers navigate the complexities of the music industry such as securing copyright protection, negotiating recording contracts and ensuring royalty payments.

Finding a music or entertainment lawyer for the first time can be intimidating, but our professional entertainment attorneys will be with you through every step of the legal process! Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

What is Music Law & Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Simply put, music law is any law that impacts how the music industry does business. Seems simple, right? You may think so, but music law includes anything related to the business of creating, distributing, selling, performing, and even listening to music. Additionally, there are different federal, state, and local music and entertainment laws. It’s imperative that your music attorney is familiar with all of these sources of law in order to properly advise clients.

With all of these different applications and sources of music laws, it’s always smarter to find a music lawyer you trust before you need one. Not only will your attorney assist you in the everyday navigation of music and entertainment law, but we also review contracts, assist with licensing and publishing, and advise on any copyright or royalty issues.

How Our Music Attorneys in TX & GA Can Help

Develop Your Brand & Company with Our Music Lawyers

Our experienced music and entertainment attorneys are familiar and knowledgable of all aspects of music and entertainment law including:

The Hay Law Group works with musical artists to secure their rights under a variety of laws that govern the publishing industry, public performances, record deals and licensing. We routinely negotiate record contracts and royalty payments and handle a variety of related business and legal matters.

Our goal is to protect your rights and ensure that you get paid for your work so that you can focus on making music. To consult with one of our music attorneys in Texas or Georgia, contact us today!

The Hay Law Group—Knowledgable Entertainment & Music Lawyers

How Our Attorneys Navigate Music Law in Texas & Georgia

At the Hay Law Group, our top priority is to secure your rights and protect your brand. We work with recording artists, music publishers, managers, television and film producers, directors, writers, performers, and more. We combine business savvy with a cost-effective approach to design strategies that are well-suited for your music law needs.

We believe the practice of law isn’t simply a transactional relationship between the attorney and the client. Our attorneys pride themselves on fostering relationships with our clients, making them more than just a case number. 

It is essential to work with an experienced entertainment law attorney in order to get the best possible deal. Contact our law firm in Houston today to schedule your consultation!