About Stroke of Genius Law

Stroke of Genius Law was founded by Attorney Stephanie Hay. In her full-time entertainment and small business practice she found herself in constant conversation with entrepreneurs and entertainers. Each conversation had three things in common: they all had legal questions concerning their industry, they all understood the value of having an attorney but none of them could afford to pay for legal services on a regularly basis. At the conclusion of each conversation she left wondering how she could help. Believing that the law should be accessible to all individuals Stroke of Genius Law was founded.

Stroke of Genius Law was founded to legally educate and empower creative, drive and passionate members of the entrepreneurial and artistic communities. We make challenging legal topics easy to understand and provide attendees with the knowledge to protect and monetize their business or craft.

Our Philosophy

Stroke of Genius Law understands that one-on-one legal services come with higher than desired legal fees. Believing that everyone deserves access to basic legal information Stroke of Genius Law takes a different approach. We provide information and answers in small collaborative group seminars for a fraction of the cost to consult with an attorney individually!

Our Mission

To erase the confusion behind the businesses of entrepreneurship and artistic expression and push creative minds to the forefront of the business marketplace through an understanding of the legal matters that affect them daily.


All seminars are offered at the low cost of $95.00, including materials! We encourage advanced registration but walk-ins are welcomed for an additional $20.00, provided available seating. Read more.