Demystifying Film Distribution

I Went To SXSW So That You Don’t Have To

Filmmakers, how can you get as many eyes on your work as possible? Film distribution is an intricate process involving elaborate marketing, thorough legal preparations, and thoughtful presentation. But, don’t lets its complexity deter you from creating something great. Join me on my SXSW journey as I lay out helpful tips to get your film made, sold, and distributed.

Who Is Your Audience?

Ask yourself: Who is this film going to sell to? The first step is to nail down your audience and genre. Your chosen viewership should be apparent throughout your film. Oftentimes, this means saving your passion projects for later in order to show distribution companies that you can stay on theme while relating your content to a specific target audience.

Legal Business

Now that you have a great project, you need to confirm that your legal responsibilities are in order. Ensure that your licensing, copyright information, and contracts have been completed properly and efficiently. Without the correct legal documentation, companies will be less inclined to work with you.

BTS Photos and Footage

Although it may seem small, marketing is crucial to the distribution of a film. Ancillary content to going to help build your project outside of just production and distribution.

Sales Agent

How and when should you approach a sales agent? The answer to this question differs on a case-by-case basis. Going back to the first point, those looking to get involved with your project want to know how they can market your film to a target audience. Make sure your vision is clear and foster relationships with both the sales agent and film distribution companies.

Pitching To Film Festivals

Pitching your film to festivals is incredibly important to the distribution process. This is the best way to get eyes on your picture and gives you more leverage when shoppers approach you.

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