Tips and Tricks: SXSW 2024 Recap

I Went To SXSW So That You Don’t Have To

Over the past month, I have shared with you SXSW 2024 tips and tricks that will help you successfully distribute your project to the masses. Now, let’s take a look at the best ways to navigate the festival itself.

What Are Your Goals for Attending the Conference?

Before attending SXSW, know YOUR goals. Festivals can be great place to meet people in the industry and one-on-one connections can be very beneficial when you are looking to expand your professional network and client base. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Using the App

This is one of the most helpful tools to utilize while you are attending conferences. Through the app, you can optimize your schedule, identify networking opportunities, and more!

Understanding Workshops, Presentations, and Networking Sessions

In order to attend the presentation of a keynote speaker, be sure to get there early. I found that the lines were oftentimes wrapped around the building, making it nearly impossible to attend. You may find it more beneficial to attend a meetup mentoring session to help you build your networking status. For me, these networking sessions were vital to making my experience SXSW lucrative.

Look Up Companies & People

Mentoring sessions will be most valuable if you attend the conferences of individuals whose background and goals align with yours. Looking at the speaker’s profile will expose you to companies that you may have not otherwise known existed! Ask yourself: “How can this company help me reach my goals and allow me to tap into this specific network?”

Express Passes

Every badge comes with express passes. Keep in mind, the sessions that allow you to use your express pass fill up quickly. Be prepared to be alert and ready if you want to take advantage of this benefit.

Submission of Music & Film

If your goal for attending SXSW is to get your product distributed, you need to put your project in the rooms for branded activities. The additional activities are fun and give you exposure, but the distributors are more likely to take notice of your work at branded conferences.

Going Just to Go

If you are planning to go to SXSW, know what to expect. The laid-back music scene is considerably different from the film scene. Filmmakers, be prepared to ramp up your professionalism, do business, and form meaningful connections.

Want to learn more about my SXSW experience? Check out my social media platforms for more information. I hope to see you next year!