What Do TV & Film Lawyers Do?

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While the practice of entertainment law encompasses a variety of legal services related to intellectual property, contracts, as well as business, labor, and employment law, much of this field concerns entertainment transactions and litigation. Our professional attorneys are able to assist with:

Television & Film Business Entities

Forming a film production company depends on a number of variables such as the structure of the company’s operations, its exposure to legal liabilities, as well as the filmmakers and investors involved in the production. We work with a variety of clients in selecting business organizations, particularly limited liability corporations (LLCs), in order to limit personal liability and maximize return on investment.

Guild Compliance Issues

If your production involves working with members the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the Writer’s Guild of America, or the Directors Guild of America, our experienced attorneys are well-versed in compensation, benefits, and work condition requirements under collective bargaining agreements, as well as issues related to distribution and production rights.

Rights Clearance

In order for television and film producers to successfully distribute their work in certain territories across multiple media outlets, it is essential to obtain clearance rights to use copyrighted material such as music, recordings, clips of moving images as well as talent. We have experience negotiating and preparing a variety of licensing agreements as part of a comprehensive clearance strategy.


Whether you are an actor, producer, screenwriter or director, protecting your rights demands having a well-designed contract in place.

Given the complexities of the contemporary media landscape, it is essential to engage the services of an experienced entertainment attorney. In light of the budget constraints of independent productions, we design affordable legal packages that may include flat-fee contract review and preparation.

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